Your Psychologist

When we work together, you are the honored guest - the most important person in the room. On this website, I have tried to reflect that philosophy, focusing on you rather than going on endlessly about myself.However, it may help you to know something about who I am - my background and training. So here is an informal biography. You can click on the attached CV at the bottom of the page if you want more information. 

I received a Masters from Hunter College School of Social Work in 1979 where I specialized in learning psychotherapy. After graduating, I spent eight years working in community mental health. During that time, I went through formal training in family therapy and psychoanalysis; the latter also required that I undergo five years of personal psychoanalysis. 
In the next phase of my career, I moved to Philadelphia and attended school at the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology where I earned a doctorate in clinical psychology. The program was strongly oriented toward psychotherapy and assessment skills rather than the research focus often found in psychology doctoral programs. I also studied leadership and organizational consulting because of my interest in emotional intelligence in the workplace, work-related dysfunction, and enhancing organizational effectiveness.

After earning my degree, I worked in the corporate world for nearly four years in an Employee Assistance program at PECO Energy Company where I focused on short-term therapy, drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment, and organizational consulting.

Since 1996, I have been in private practice, where I work with adolescents, adults, and couples. I have also been a consultant for the Veteran’s administration for 25 years, coaching the staff who treat traumatized veterans.

Areas of interest and special training have included personal coaching, EMDR, shame-related disorders, psychological trauma and Imago Couple’s Therapy. In addition, my work with immigrants has led to a particular interest in the physical, sexual, and psychological abuse of women around the world.

I work with many  women in my practice who, aspiring to improve their relationships with men, seek a male therapist who is warm and creates an environment of mutual respect and emotional safety.

Ralph Jaffe,
Jul 22, 2011, 8:22 AM